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Minions are one of the most popular animated movies of this decade. The minions are the one-eyed small yellow creatures who first live, restless and unmotivated life in the cave. Then one brave team of minions try to find their new master in order to spend their lives freely in the world with dignity and sense of purpose. Their way of talking and their act doing things are very unique. This uniqueness of their clan made them so popular among the people, especially among the children. There unique body structure and the color looks eye comforting for the wallpaper.

wp2629528 wallpaper minion 3d
wp2342167 wallpaper minion 3d
wp2734594 wallpaper minion 3d
wp2734595 wallpaper minion 3d
wp662697 wallpaper minion 3d
wp2734598 wallpaper minion 3d
wp2734600 wallpaper minion 3d
wp2734602 wallpaper minion 3d
wp2734554 wallpaper minion 3d


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